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Fromm Family Foods

Chef's Specials -Random Billings Style Recipe Card (25-Pack)

Chef's Specials -Random Billings Style Recipe Card (25-Pack)

You will Receive two of these 4 recipe cards in your Tap-to-order kit. 

Field and Stream Platter features Four-Star Trout & Whitefish Recipe, Crunchy Os Pumpkin Kran-Pow, and Fromm Turkey Pâté.

Fishin' Fowl Delight features Four-Star Trout & Whitefish Recipe, Crunchy Os Blueberry blasts, and Fromm Duck À La Veg Pâté. 

Fresh Catch Casserole features Four-Star Trout & Whitefish Recipe, Crunchy Os Slammon' Smoked Salmon, and Fromm Salmon & Chicken Pâté.

Surf'n Turf Billings Style features Four-Star Trout & Whitefish Recipe, Crunchy Os Pot Roast Punchers, and Fromm Beef & Barley Pâté. 

Size: 6” x 4”
Print: 4+UV/4+AQ , 80lb Gloss Cover

This will ship as a pack of 25 cards. Please order in amounts of PACKS that you would like. (Example order quantity '1' and receive 25 cards. order '2' and receive 50 cards, etc. )

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